the world
is changing. There is more access to mobile phones than toothbrushes.

Our company does more then design. We focus on business objectives and how changes in your industry can create opportunities.

We get digital. You get your industry. Together we will make great solutions!

Our process is simple. We listen, then we research. We work with you as a collaborative team to develop a solution that fits your unique business and budget.


Baker and Baker

This new responsive site was redesigned to drive lead generation. The content is focused on client's most common questions and concerns. We want to create a site that would build up their business. A core function was integrating with a online (24/7) chat support system that can interact with prospects quickly, answering questions and directing them to the right lawyer. Additionally, we create multiple lead funnels and continue to A/B test them to optimize our process as well as our clients google ad campaign.


Sleep Therapeutics

In redesigning the site we took a client first approach. Building a new information architecture that would ask the question “How can we help?”. knowing that clients could be visiting the site at 2 or 3 in the morning, when they can’t sleep. The site changes it’s look based on the users time of day. At night the background turns into stars and colour tones are muted.

Work in progress

Makeup App

This is a work in progress. The concept was developed for the makeup industry. The app uses facial recognition software, detecting eye, skin and hair tones, then makes smart recommendations based on your photo. The user can test makeup palettes by tapping the colours.


Infinite Financial

Our client knew that a financial advisor must build a relationship on trust and similar values. As such, he wanted to attract a younger generation that had a good outlook on life and a sense of humour.

We believe in good ideas, flexibility and precision.

Great products are not the result of a burst of creativity. They come from the joy of experimentation, open development processes, and from extraordinary attention to detail.

User Friendly

The needs of the user are the focus of all we do. This is how we develop products that become regular fixtures in the lives of many, many people.

Digital mobili-

We use a variety of approaches to ensure that our products are used by people on the go. Native apps, HTML, or websites featuring fully responsive design.

We are a group of freelancer as big as any agency but more flexible.

We collaborate with you and put together a team that fits your projects objectives. This keeps our overhead low and as such our cost down without effecting our quality.

Scratch Design

Scratch is a user-centric design and technology firm that specializes in helping enterprises create beautifully connected technology experiences that drive commerce and conversion. Scratch lives at the intersection of design, technology, business and people. And they work together to create impactful and usable technology-driven experiences.


Scratch is driven by the belief that good ideas, flexibility and precision are the key to a successful project. Scratch’s job is to design user-centered experiences by applying brutal simplicity to complex technologies.They balance the needs of beautiful design with the practicalities of hard-working technologies – all while maintaining compliance, security, scalability and performance requirements.

Strategists, designers and developers work collaboratively to ensure delivery of speed to value.